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luni, 7 aprilie 2008

Leon town

The Romanian pupils admire the beauty town: LEON - PowerPoint presentation made by our friend from Spain - LEON.

duminică, 2 martie 2008

PowerPoint presentations

1. Game
The Farmer on the Fields

Nature has managed to inspire the kids a lot of their childhood's games.

2. Friendship

miercuri, 27 februarie 2008

Poster for our project

Pupils of our team make the poster for this project.

Our pupils like very much drawing!!!

We works together!

miercuri, 23 ianuarie 2008


We congratulate the Romanian team of the "Liviu Rebreanu" School from Mioveni, Arges, Romania because they had been awarded with the corresponding eTwinning Quality Label for the project "OUR WORLD" since November 2007.

duminică, 20 ianuarie 2008

sâmbătă, 12 ianuarie 2008